Editing tips from one of the best

Digital editing allows you to do amazing things with video, but the 2007 NPPA Editor of the Year urges editors to show restraint. Josh Shea of KCNC-TV in Denver was one of my fellow instructors at this year’s NPPF Airborne TV Seminar in Rochester, N.Y., and Des Moines, Iowa. His advice is simple: keep it …

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Content matters most

Kevin Sites, a pioneer in online solo journalism, says he learned a ton when he covered 20 of the world’s “hot zones” for Yahoo! And one of the biggest lessons came from the story that drew the strongest audience response–a report from Afghanistan that used no video, just still photos and text, because his video …

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The new “News at Seven”

In our textbook, “Advancing the Story: Broadcast Journalism in a Multimedia World,” we describe a virtual newscast being developed by Northwestern University’s InfoLab (www.newsatseven.com). Now, a new customizable version of News at Seven is live on the site, albeit in a Beta launch. Previously, the site displayed a virtual newscast in which the stories were …

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Speling counts, gramer and punctuation too

Yes, I know the headline is misspelled (and yes, there are two s’s in misspelled). Does this matter to broadcast journalists? You bet it does. But it’s a relatively new concern, says KARE-TV reporter Joe Fryer. We really didn’t need to worry about having perfect punctuation in our scripts for many years because no one …

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Where are the journalism jobs?

Michelle Hord, director of off-air recruiting for ABC News, says the answer to the question–where are the journalism jobs–is just one word: Digital. “We have new terms like preditors, producers who can also shoot and edit,” she told the Future of Journalism Jobs conference at the University of Maryland. ” It’s all about being able …

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Blow up the newsroom

It happened a year ago at the Naples Daily News. Print reporters and photographers were all told that they no longer worked for the paper, says Phil Lewis, editor and vice president of naplesdailynews.com/Naples Daily News. They were all transferred to dot.com–which the company now sees as a kind of local wire service–and they file …

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Future of news jobs

A conference today at the University of Maryland underlined what we’ve been saying about the importance of learning new ways of thinking if you want to be in the news business. Ed Foster-Simeon, deputy managing editor at USA Today, put it bluntly: “The people who are most successful are comfortable with change.” And one thing …

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Online = big picture + small detail

Here’s an update on some of the online innovation we’ve seen coming out of the CA fire coverage. Mark Glaser’s MediaShift blog, which is hosted by PBS, has pulled together an online guide for people tracking fire coverage. We’d like to create a comprehensive resource guide, listing all the places you can find coverage of the …

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One news director’s advice

 Students who really want to be prepared for that all-important job search can benefit from advice from working news managers. Over lunch at a downtown restaurant, Marshall Adams, program director and news director at KDKA Radio in Pittsburgh, Pa., told me what he looks for in applicants. TRT: 5:17 Interested in an internship at KDKA? …

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