Looking for multimedia journalists to lead the way

The Richmond Times Dispatch is a paper with a long history – it’s been around in one form or another for more than 100 years.  But this newspaper, like so many other news organizations, is trying to re-invent itself in the digital age.   Glenn Proctor is the executive editor of the paper.  He says these …

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TV still the main news source

Ratings may be dropping, but local television remains Americans’ number one source of news, according to a new survey sponsored by Hearst Argyle Television.   The preliminary results: 55% of respondents cited TV as their primary source of news information, ahead of the Web (26%) and print newspapers (14%).  The survey found that local TV wins …

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50 years of scoops

How does he do it? Bob “Scoop” Phillips has spent half a century chasing breaking news in Dayton, Ohio, and he’s still going strong. Featured on the cover of this month’s News Photographer magazine, Bob is a reporter/videographer at WDTN-TV. He works alone and tells writer Julie Washington that he never goes to the station, …

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New jobs in a restructured newsroom

The recent reorganization of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution gave online news a new prominence.  In the latest Nieman Reports, Shawn McIntosh, director of culture and change at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and ajc.com, says the system is now much leaner: Two new content departments, News & Information and Enterprise, focus on producing unique local content for print …

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Improving audio slideshows

It takes more than an interview and some pictures to create a good audio slideshow, but too many slideshows are built on those ingredients alone.  As a result, they seem to be slapped together rather than produced.  Multimedia editor Colin Mulvaney of the Spokesman Review says slideshows have become predictable and boring.  One of his …

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When blogging is a firing offense

A senior producer for CNN, Chez Pazienza, says he was fired last week for keeping a personal blog, Deus Ex Malcontent. The network won’t discuss the specifics, but a spokeswoman told the New York Times, “CNN has a policy that says employees must first get permission to write for a non-CNN outlet.” Pazienza says the …

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Mobile making a move?

One of the most thoughtful new media experts on the planet is a guy named Steve Shamp. Shamp directs the New Media Institute at the University of Georgia. He runs a listserv and sends out occasional email blasts that are almost always interesting, often funny and sometimes inspiring. Shamp is just back from the Mobile …

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Another gaffe, another suspension

MSNBC’s David Shuster has been taken off the air for a comment he made about Chelsea Clinton being “pimped out” in her role on her mother’s campaign.  The network suspended Shuster for an undetermined period of time, calling the remark “irresponsible.”  Shuster apologized to viewers for what he called “inappropriate” language. I apologize to the …

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Multimedia journalists unite!

One of the things that I’ve noticed about the “online space” is that so many people are so willing to share their expertise.  And that’s the idea behind a relatively new site called Wired Journalists.  Here’s the mission statement: WiredJournalists.com was created with self-motivated, eager-to-learn reporters, editors, executives, students and faculty in mind. Our goal is …

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