MTV goes mobile for Campaign 08

MTV’s political coverage has come a long way from its Rock the Vote “Boxers or briefs?” days back in 1992.  This year, the network got funding from the Knight News Challenge to hire 51 young citizen journalists (one for each state plus Washington, DC) to cover the campaign online.  According to supervising producer Liz Nord, …

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Web story airs on NBC

A quiet revolution is underway at NBC News. Earlier this month, a story about a baby penguin that was created originally for the Web aired on the weekend Nightly News. Tim Peek, executive producer for new media at NBC’s Peacock Productions, calls it “one of those small events that may well mark a watershed toward …

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Women, minorities take charge in TV news

A new study finds that more women than ever are running local TV newsrooms. According to the annual Hofstra/RTNDA survey, women now hold well over one quarter of the news director jobs. At 40.2 percent, there was no significant change in the percentage of women in the television news workforce in 2007, but the number …

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Journalism and consulting don’t mix

The Fox station in Detroit officially parted ways with a highly-paid morning anchor this week.  Fanchon Stinger was suspended last month after reports connected her to a controversial city contract that’s now under federal investigation.  According to the Detroit News, Stinger’s “media consulting and public speaking company” was hired last fall to place ads for …

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Big-time TV salaries disappearing?

The evidence has been building for a while. As the latest cover story in RTNDA Communicator magazine points out, the broadcast economic is facing a perfect storm, which has led to staff and salary cuts, even for top anchors and reporters: Those moves may come as a shock in some newsrooms, says Sandra Connell, president …

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Want to report for CNN?

Okay, not exactly “report for” CNN.  But the network is now soliciting “iReport” stories about the presidential election with a “carrot” attached.  The best of the user-generated video submissions will be featured on Anderson Cooper 360 and other programs.  And there’s more: 20 finalists will be selected by a committee composed of CNN producers, iReporters …

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Journalism at the crossroads

No, this isn’t another post about the economic woes in newsrooms.  It’s a tip of the hat to Robert Courtemanche, who teaches high school journalism near Houston, Texas, and runs the blog TeachJ.  He was inspired by another blog to create this graphic (we used to call these Venn diagrams, I think). Robert’s comment: scary …

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Gain invaluable skills

Times are tough in newsrooms all across the country.  Dragged down by a sagging economy, TV newsrooms and newspapers are laying off staff and cutting their coverage.  If you’re a young journalist, it may be hard to keep your fears about the future at bay.  Was it a mistake to get into this business?  Not …

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Visual ethics – Part 2

It’s not only still photos falling under suspicion this week, but video as well.  An Associated Press story outlines concerns about tornado footage that may have been altered.  At issue is video sold to the AP by a freelancer who says it depicts a recent tornado in Nebraska.  However, another news photographer contacted the AP to suggest it …

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