Wanted: “Journalism plus”

Anyone looking for a job in journalism needs to know what employers want.  The short answer is, they want it all.  They’re looking for journalists who can process information and write clearly, and who also have high-level technical skills.  And that’s not all. Jim Brady, executive editor of Washington Post.com says skills like Flash and …

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Tools for online journalists

Every time you turn around, it seems, there are more free tools journalists can use to enhance their work online.  San Jose State grad student Ryan Sholin has posted a useful list of tools for producing polls, maps, audio, video and other multimedia elements.  Among his suggestions that we haven’t already mentioned elsewhere on this …

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TV news staffs shrink, but cuts are over?

In a new study from RTNDA/Hofstra University, the job outlook for broadcast journalists seems relatively stable, but not as bright as it has been in some years.  In a survey of more than 300 stations, almost three-quarters have reported either no staff cuts or staff increases. Unfilled positions were counted as staff reductions, and news directors …

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New TV-newspaper partnership

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard news of a network-affiliated television station creating a new partnership with a major daily newspaper, but the Baltimore Sun and CBS-affiliate WJZ-TV in Baltimore are now multimedia partners. Editor & Publisher reports that the organizations will share story leads and partner on projects, but promotional opportunities and advertising revenue …

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The future of journalism

We hear plenty of doom and gloom about journalism these days – especially on the print side.  But Bob Guccione, Jr. is more hopeful, and in his Huffington Post article, he offers four predictions for the future of journalism: 1) Within two years, a major city daily will transform itself into a free paper. Home …

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Vlogging behind the scenes

What’s it like to cover a political convention for a local TV audience?  Steve Sweitzer, news operations manager at WISH-TV in Indianapolis, took a little time between live shots and feeds at this summer’s conventions to lift the curtain a little, posting a series of vlogs on his station’s Web site. Who knew that in …

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Skills a multimedia journalist needs

The Online News Association Job Fair in Washington, DC seemed like a great place to do some investigating of the multimedia job market – and it was.  Ironically, the recruiters came from USA Today, Gannett, New York Times, Associated Press, Tribune Media Services, McClatchy and the Washington Post among others  Ironic because on the same …

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Old thinking at journalism school

Alana Taylor, a junior at NYU, has publicly slammed the J-school there for “old thinking.”  This fall, she’s taking what she terms one of the few courses NYU offers undergrads that focuses on new media and she’s sorely disappointed.  The course seems to be more about young news consumers than new media: I was hoping …

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Speaking Spanish gives a leg up

Josh Hinkle, a reporter at KCRG-TV in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, says his ability to speak Spanish got him a plum assignment to cover a local story with national implications. Last May, federal, state and local agents swarmed Agriprocessors Inc. in Postville, Iowa, and arrested almost 400 immigrants for being in the U.S. illegally. The next …

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