Become a Web favorite

It’s a question being asked in newsrooms around the world: How do we make our Web site “sticky?”  How to we get users to stay on it longer and return often?  Northwestern University’s Media Management Center tried to answer those questions in a recent joint study with the Atlanta Journal Constitution, “What it takes to …

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Video shooting tips

Sometimes great pictures don’t add up to a great video news story. That may sound absurd, but it’s true. TV stories that work aren’t just a collection of great shots, they’re narratives with visual continuity. Scott Jensen, who just won his second NPPA TV photographer of the year award, says you can’t tell a coherent …

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Planning the multimedia project

Most journalists are already getting involved in multimedia storytelling on some level and a majority of them will tell you that time is their biggest enemy. In the daily crush of deadlines, it’s hard to do a great job on one media platform, let alone two or three. But every once in awhile a journalist …

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