TV & Web are a popular pair

According to Reuters, new research from Nielsen finds that 31% of online activity occurs while the user is watching television. The findings help explain why TV viewing is on the rise at the same time new media is also growing. The report does not break down the types of Internet activity engaged in by TV …

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James Bond-ing the news

What do secret agents and multimedia journalists have in common? Gadgets, of course.  While the new James Bond series doesn’t have a Q, it does have its share of technology.  And unlike previous Bond gizmos, the ones Daniel Craig uses are very “real world.” After watching the latest movie, Quantum of Solace, Amy Webb was …

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Saving the news

Uh-oh. It looks like we’ve finally done it; we’ve given people too much news and information. In an article for the Columbia Journalism Review, author Bree Nordensen writes about frustrated news consumers who have so much data coming at them every day, that many simply choose to ignore it all. She cites research commissioned by the …

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TV narration tips

How do you read a TV news script so it doesn’t sound like you’re reading?  The first step, obviously, is to write the way you talk.  You can’t read stilted language and sound conversational.  But there’s more to it than that. KARE-TV reporter Boyd Huppert developed his unique delivery style through trial and error: Some …

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Web video “myths”

Questioning conventional wisdom is often a good thing, so let’s thank Peter Ralph for his recent posts at Shooting by Numbers challenging some basic assumptions about Web video.  Here’s his list of seven “myths” that he’d like to see ignored: Shorter is better. Content is king. Connect emotionally. Avoid talking heads. Never shoot with a …

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How is Web video different?

Or perhaps the question should be, “Is Web video different?”  Not too long ago, my former employer, WSOC-TV in Charlotte, posted a job titled “Website Video Journalist.”  Here’s what was listed for responsibilities: Your job will be to identify unique story ideas and convert them into compelling video and slideshows.  You will need to be able to …

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Small markets, big opportunities

Most new journalism grads start their careers in small market newsrooms.  For many, it’s a first stop on the way up the ladder.  But others may find, as Rhonda McBride did, that small markets offer big opportunities. As my first boss put it, ‘Every day will be a surprise. It may not be a surprise …

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