Twitter tips for journalists

As a newbie on Twitter, I quickly found myself drowning in the gusher of Tweets from the folks I follow.  I have a pretty short “following” list so far, but some of them are such prodigious posters that it was hard to for me to keep up. Then along came Twitter (wouldn’t you know it?) …

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In defense of TV reporters

You know the public image of TV news reporters, right?  They’re unethical, lazy and overpaid. Not. In this brilliant blog post, former Atlanta TV reporter Doug Richards  debunks  those myths, and several more–like this one: They can tell you what’s really going on. Well, yes.  But chances are they’ve put almost everything they know into …

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Blogging for dollars

So you’ve been laid off or can’t find a job in journalism. Think you can survive on blogging alone?  Not so fast, says Scott Joseph. After taking a buyout from the Orlando Sentinel, where he’d spent 20 years as a restaurant critic, Joseph figured he could still make a living as a writer by freelancing …

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Support for journalists

What’s happening in newsrooms today can be traumatic. Layoffs, cutbacks and fear are a daily reality.  Reporters, photographers and news managers worry that bottom-line pressures are affecting the quality of their work.  Many could use some help to deal with what they’re going through, but they may not be willing to admit it. Journalists like …

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Backpack journalism toolkit

When you work alone as a backpack journalist, you need lightweight, reliable gear and an efficient process for getting the job done.  In the 14 months she’s been working as NBC’s “digital journalist,” Maria Schiavocampo has figured out through trial and error what works best for her. Schiavocampo tells the Nieman Foundation that she now …

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The journalism skills gap

News organizations rarely find new hires who have all the skills they’re looking for.  But a survey of employers conducted in the UK finds they’re most concerned about gaps in traditional journalism skills, not the multimedia skills journalists are told they need in a converging world. The survey conducted by Britain’s National Council for the …

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Are news Web sites all the same?

When it comes to page views, is doing more than OK.  According to an article in the International Herald Tribune, “Nielsen ranked as the No.1 current events and global news Web site last year, with a monthly average of 1.7 billion – half a billion views more than its nearest competitor, ” But …

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Inaugural multimedia

The Washington Post is already up with a very cool interactive map and timeline of President Obama’s inauguration. TimeSpace lets users “experience the events of Inauguration Day through photos, video and text from specific locations.” Students from the University of North Carolina’s School of Journalism are helping with the Post coverage.  According to the school, …

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