How to get a job in journalism

Apparently, the days of the one-page cover letter are over.  Virgil Smith, vice president/talent management for Gannett, says too many journalism job hunters are following advice left over from the 1980s. “The one page resume makes no sense.  I want you to tell me who you are, what you know and what sets you apart from other applicants,” said …

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Critiquing a TV news story

Multimedia journalism is a lot like baseball, the way the Tom Hanks character describes it in the movie A League of Our Own. “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it.” But with practice and coaching, you can improve your baseball skills. The same goes for multimedia journalism. I’m often …

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What media history tells us

Much has been written recently about the parallels between what’s happening to today’s media and the crisis in network radio during the late 1940s. Thanks to Stephen Goforth for pointing out an excellent article in the Wall Street Journal that illustrates what history should tell us about today’s economic troubles. Network TV lost vast amounts of money in its …

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New ways of thinking about online video

By Peg Achterman, University of Washington (former KING-TV photojournalist) Given Interpret LLC’s new research and their attempt to apply a new model of engagement when analyzing users’ attention to web video, this seems a good time to lay out some general guidance for those new to the production of online video. I aim this framework …

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Six video tips for multimedia journalists

When you’re trying to do it all, as many journalists are, suggestions that can save time and money are particularly valuable. Multimedia journalist Adam Westbrook not only shoots, writes and edits his own stories, he shares what he’s learned on his blog. In a new series he’s calling 6×6, Westbrook has weighed in on how …

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An honest appraisal of J-school

If you want to be a journalist, should you go to journalism school? What’s the value of a masters degree in journalism?  My usual answer is: It depends. I don’t mean to be flip or evasive. It really does depend on a lot of factors. At the undergrad level, J-school can be a good way …

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Judging the success of online video

As part of our ongoing discussion of what makes online video different than what we see on TV, you might want to check out new research from Interpret, LLC.  The survey focused on more than 2,000 broadband Internet users between the ages 13- 54 who had watched a video online in the past 24 hours.  Researchers found that …

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Checklist for multimedia accuracy

Smaller staffs, shorter deadlines and more platforms to feed. Is it any wonder mistakes get on the air and online? In today’s short-handed, 24/7 newsrooms, it’s more important than ever for anyone involved in producing content to double check it for accuracy. Don’t think someone else will catch even the most obvious errors. They won’t. …

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Jobs for journalism grads

Well, it’s not surprising, but it may be a bit depressing.  The Annual  Survey of Journalism and Mass Communications Graduates confirms what we all expected – it’s harder to find a job these days. …only 60.4% of the 2008 bachelor degree recipients had landed full-time employment about a half year after graduation. That is not …

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