Six video tips for multimedia journalists

westbrookWhen you’re trying to do it all, as many journalists are, suggestions that can save time and money are particularly valuable. Multimedia journalist Adam Westbrook not only shoots, writes and edits his own stories, he shares what he’s learned on his blog.

In a new series he’s calling 6×6, Westbrook has weighed in on how to brand and market yourself as a freelancer. Now, he’s sharing tips on shooting video, most of which apply to both television and online. A quick summary:

  1. Video doesn’t need to be expensive
  2. Shoot for the edit, which means shooting close ups and sequences
  3. Master depth of field to improve your close ups
  4. Never wallpaper
  5. Look for the detail and the telling shot
  6. Break the rules

If you want a simple explanation of how and why to shoot sequences and the difference it makes when you bother with depth of field, check out Westbrook’s examples.