TV news producers still in demand

According to research at the University of Mississippi, a review of more than 500 job openings in television news revealed producer jobs topped the list.  Here’s how about half the openings in the Top 10 TV companies broke down: producer (18.8%), photographer (12.2%), reporter (11.6%). Bob Noonan, assistant news director at WREG-TV in Memphis says producers are always …

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Multimedia planning and production

USA Today puts together some amazing online interactives with a surprisingly small staff. Just five people are typically involved in putting together major projects, says Chet Czarniak, managing editor of–a designer, programmer, producer, IT person and database editor. The results are often impressive, like this searchable database of US war casualties in Iraq and …

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“12 Things I’ve Learned about Online News”

By Stephen Goforth, University of Mississippi (former CNN writer/producer) The Online News Association convention in San Francisco included a session titled, “Design Solutions from News Experts.” While panelists from the New York Times revealed a glimpse into new features coming to the newspaper’s Web site, Adaptive Path president Jesse James Garrett offered practical advice from …

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How to simplify routine stories

Every newsroom is stressed to the max these days, with too few people producing news on more platforms than ever. How can you free up time for enterprise reporting or multimedia projects? By saving time on the routine stories. Simple templates can speed up the collection of basic information on the kinds of stories that …

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Overcome adjective addiction

Shocking! Tragic! Unbelievable! Not the stories that came with those labels attached, but the way they’re written. It’s shocking how many worthless adjectives are being crammed into the average newscast! Tragic to think that many writers may not know better. And unbelievable that nothing is being done about it. Television newscasts these days are awash …

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Shepard Smith gives advice to young journalists

Having worked for more than 20 years in TV news, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith spoke enthusiastically about his job and the future of journalism before a crowd at the University of Mississippi.  Smith says he got into the news business with one simple goal. “I try to find out what’s up and I tell people about …

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Making it big in small market TV

Many young  journalists dread the idea of working in a tiny TV market for obvious reasons.  Some worry they will have no social life, others shudder at the low salaries and some worry they’ll get lost in obscurity forever. Lindsey Brown, on the other hand, has found a lot to love in her job at …

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Get more from your social media

As we reported a couple weeks ago, one study estimates that as many as 70 percent of journalists now use social media to do their jobs.  They said they were using social media to find sources and information quickly. Chip Mahaney is director of digital content for Scripps TV stations.  He says that Twitter, Facebook and other …

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Is this post illegal?

Read this before it’s too late. Tom Curley of the Associated Press and Rupert Murdoch of NewsCorp are putting us in the blogosphere on notice:  Re-publish our content and we will make you pay. According to an AP story, the two men made their comments addressing the World Media Summit in Beijing. “The aggregators and plagiarists …

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Broadcast journalists struggling to keep up with technology

New results from the RTNDA/Hofstra University study (pdf) show only 38% of TV and radio news directors say their staffs are “really on top of new technology and where they’re headed.”  The rest have “a long way to go” (48%) or are “mostly winging it” (13.7%). The study shows 99.1% of all TV stations surveyed have …

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