Job hunting for new journalists

In just a couple weeks, hundreds of new journalism graduates will be starting their job hunts in earnest.  Though we’re hearing a lot of bad news about job prospects overall, there are openings.  In a recent check of company Web sites, Tribune had posted seven TV news jobs in the past week, Media General has posted about …

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Twitter mistakes cost journalists

This post is not an anti-Twitter rant, instead it’s a cautionary tale.  By now, we’ve all heard stories about newsrooms sending out inaccurate tweets and then paying the price for it.  Take the case of WFTV in Orlando, for example, where back in April the station tweeted about the state’s first swine flu case with …

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Note to journalists: Get your video on Facebook

According to the latest Nielsen research, Facebook is now the third most popular place to watch video online in the world!  Of course, YouTube is still dominant, but Facebook’s rapid growth is worth noting. According to Nielsen’s latest VideoCensus numbers, which look at the number of video views in October, YouTube serviced over 6.6 billion streams. In …

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New outlet for student journalism

An independent non-profit due to launch early next year will enlist students at the U.C. Berkeley graduate school of journalism to expand local news coverage in the San Francisco area. The Bay Area News Project, funded by a $5 million grant from a local philanthropist, will produce news primarily for the Web and mobile delivery, …

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Five “don’ts” for multimedia journalists

As more and more journalism professionals find themselves working both in front of and behind the camera, many are looking for suggestions on how to do it all well.  Marc Schollett of TV7-4 in Traverse City, Michigan could be the poster child for this dilemma. Schollett not only shoots his own stories, he anchors three …

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Going live without the live truck

3G, WiFi, WiMAX, LTE or Skype. No, those letters are not the result of fingers run amok on a keyboard, they’re all now part of the multimedia journalist’s toolkit.  An article from TVNewsCheck does a great job of describing how wireless broadband is changing news reporting, specifically what each option can and cannot do. The trick …

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Pay attention

The best advice I’ve seen lately on how to do better interviews can be summed up in those two words: Pay attention. That may be easier said than done if you’re shooting your own video, but it’s critically important. Once the interview begins, you can’t be worrying about white balance or focus. Don’t mess with …

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Are J-school students really journalists?

If a journalism school offers real world experience, should the students who participate be protected by reporters’ privilege? That’s a key question in a case involving a professor and students at Northwestern’s Medill J-school. David Protess runs the school’s “Innocence Project” in which students investigate old crimes looking for wrongful convictions.  In the past decade, …

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Punctuation made fun

Okay, I admit it. I’m a grammar-and-spelling nut. And I think it’s critically important for journalists to get it right. In my view, “little” mistakes on the air, in print or online matter because they can dent our credibility. After all, if we can’t manage subject-verb agreement, what else might we be getting wrong? College …

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How to do investigative stories

Be respectful, listen politely and stick up for the little guy. That doesn’t sound much like the advice of a hard-hitting investigative reporter, but Steve Andrews has been righting wrongs in the Tampa Bay area since 1985.  The investigative reporter for WFLA has uncovered stories ranging from corruption at the courthouse to sub-standard bridge construction to …

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