What journalists wanted to know in 2009

OK, I may be taking a little poetic license with the headline, but I thought while every news organization in the country was doing “year in review” stories, Advancing the Story should, too.  So, in case you missed any of them, here are the most trafficked posts for our blog this year. 1.  Ten tips …

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Investigations take shoe leather

by Alan Cohn, WFTS-TV, Tampa, Fla. It’s one thing to get a great tip. It was another thing to actually catch Angel Ocasio in full Marine Corps Uniform wearing the Navy Cross he didn’t earn. I learned the Tampa man was going around dressed as a Marine as the result of making calls to introduce …

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Mobile news know-how for journalists

For a long time a lot of smart people have been talking about the need for news organizations to deliver more content to mobile devices, but most of time, the discussions are a little light on how the move will actually change the job of a journalist. Writing for Poyner’s E-Media Tidbits, Steve Buttry offers some …

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Traits of tomorrow’s journalists

Mashable has published 8 Must-Have Traits of Tomorrow’s Journalist and I have to agree with every one. Entrepreneurial and Business Savvy.  More and more journalists are finding themselves “self-employed.”  The more you know about the value of content and how to run a business, the better. Programmer. Yep, this means knowing Flash…and HTML…and JavaScript…and more.  …

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How to arrange an interview

The interview is one of the most basic building blocks of journalism. It sounds obvious, but reporters have to talk to people to learn what’s really going on. And journalists need to include people’s voices in their stories to make those stories come alive. It takes preparation and skill to do a good interview. It’s …

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More reasons for TV to get moving on mobile

Another study is out providing support for the idea that people want to watch TV news on their cell phones and other mobile devices. The study comes the Open Mobile Video Coalition, whose members include NBC Universal, Gannett and PBS. The study found that younger consumers and early adopters would be particularly interested in watching …

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Jim Lehrer’s journalism guidelines

The national nightly news broadcast on public television will look different tonight. For more than 30 years, Jim Lehrer has been the face of the program. Now, his role will be diminished and his name removed from the program’s title. The new PBS NewsHour will add a rotating cast of co-anchors on TV and streaming …

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Why do newspapers delight in critiquing TV news?

It’s happened again.  Another newspaper critic is trashing some local TV news coverage.  This time the target was Baltimore’s WMAR and its online coverage of the verdict in the Mayor Sheila Dixon case. Critic David Zurawik even took the time to offer an unofficial  transcript  of what he saw. WHILE STREAMING: “They want a live interview … See if they’ve got someone to …

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