More reasons for TV to get moving on mobile

Another study is out providing support for the idea that people want to watch TV news on their cell phones and other mobile devices.

The study comes the Open Mobile Video Coalition, whose members include NBC Universal, Gannett and PBS.

The study found that younger consumers and early adopters would be particularly interested in watching local TV on their gadgets, particularly local news and weather information.

The big hurdle has been the technology, but studies like this one may provide the impetus broadcasters need to start using some of their spectrum assets to broadcast programming to mobile devices.

FCC officials are actively exploring how to use some TV airwaves for wireless broadband and recently asked for more information on how to do it. The idea is expected to be explained in a bit more detail next week, when FCC officials will update the public with a few policy suggestions that they’d like to include in their National Broadband Plan, which will be delivered to Congress in February.


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