How to put together a TV news package?

Sometimes it’s fun to poke fun ourselves and British humorist, and journalist Charlie Brooker is particularly good at it.  In the following segment, he explains how to put together the essential elements of a TV pkg.

The truth can be painful, can’t it? In doing a search for the video, I also stumbled across a couple of more serious resources on this topic that I thought were worth sharing.

So have a laugh, but then take a minute to learn a little, too!

Meeks Mixed Media How-To

E-How How-To


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  1. Bob Grip
    February 9, 2010 at 1:28 pm

    I was considering adopting this text, but this clip (while amusing) contains language that I would never use in class. The use of this site as a companion to the text means I endorse its content, which in this case, I do not.

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