Web content has to be better

As journalism organizations try to figure out how to make money in a Web-driven, free content world, MediaPost’s summary of new research from Nielsen offers some important information.

The topline summary suggests that pay-for-view news is going to be a tough sell as 79% of users say they would no longer access a Web site that charges them. 

However, the study also found that about 8% of people have already paid for newspaper content at some point and more than 40% say they would consider paying.  For radio news/talk, about a quarter of those surveyed say they might pay for the privilege of listening. 

Though the survey did not ask specifically about TV news, about 50% of people said they would consider paying to see “professionally produced video” (and yes, there was a separate category for theatrical movies).

But here’s the rub — the survey also indicates that “71% of global consumers say that if have to pay for online content it must be considerably better than what is currently available for free.”

The new report from Nielsen surveyed 27,000 consumers from 52 countries.


3 comments for “Web content has to be better

  1. Desiree Salazar
    February 18, 2010 at 6:30 pm

    I feel that I would fall with the other %50 that would consider paying to see “professionally produced video.” The problem with this category is the limits that may come about. I mean what qualifications does a video journalist have to have in order to say they are professional. Overall couldn’t informative, needed and might I say even wanted material can be considered both as professional and unprofessional. As a broadcast major I would feel that producing content would then create these guidelines that can effect what is being scene by the public. The problem is, finding whether it is change for the better good.

  2. February 23, 2010 at 12:27 am

    I am actually not convinced of this. It is easy to say you want better content but if you take away the day to day content that consumers take for granted (which excludes content and analysis), then I think you might find that people are going to be more grumpy than if you took away the “insight” that they think they want.

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