Getting a job in sports

Is it just me or does it seem like every third student in j-school wants to get a job in sports?  There are certainly plenty of young men and women who can accurately spout off statistics and player names, team schedules and post-season records, but what makes the difference in the job hunt? ESPN’s Ron …

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How to tell a great story

Bob Dotson is one of the most respected storytellers in TV news.  In his three decades at NBC, he has produced a mountain of memorable content, mainly by talking to everyday people and revealing what makes them special. At the RTDNA convention this year, Dotson shared his formula for creating compelling stories: Apply the “Hey, …

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TV-speak to avoid

Plenty of broadcast journalists fall into traps when it comes to writing scripts, but if you think the audience doesn’t notice, think again. Rob Owen, a TV critic at the Pittsburg Post-Gazette, recently asked people to submit the “most overused TV news phrases.”  Viewers had plenty to offer: “It’s not clear” is code for “we just don’t …

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Build your portfolio

You’ve reported for the student newspaper, covered stories for your college TV or radio station’s newscasts and started your own blog. Good! But you may want to consider these additional options for building your clip portfolio or resume reel., a site created by the UPI wire service, describes itself as “a social media platform …

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