Five journalists to follow on Twitter

In SPJ’s Quill Magazine, the editors featured a list of 20 journalists who are having an impact on the field in a myriad of ways.  You can read the full list, along with their thoughts on what’s ahead for the profession — or simply check out these five:

Sree Sreevivasan — On Twitter:  Sreenet
He’s a prof and dean of student affairs at Columbia Journalism School.  Quill calls him a “technology evanglesit and skeptic.”

Eric Kuhn — On Twitter:  KuhnCNN
As CNN’s audience interactio producer, Quill says he focuses on “social and emerging media for the network and television-Web integration.”

Megan Garber — On Twitter:  megangarber
Garber is assistant editor of the Neiman Journalism Lab at Harvard where she “reports and writes on the future of news.”

David Cohn — On Twitter:  digidave
Cohn says he is a “new media scientist” who focuses on participatory journalism.  He is behind Spot.Us, pioneering “community-funded reporting.”

Mark Briggs — On Twitter:  markbriggs
Author of the ground-breaking textbooks Journalism 2.0 and Journalism Next.

And while we’re on the subject of Twitter, check out the website, oneforty, if you haven’t already.  The site allows you to search, browse and rate thousands of Twitter apps.