The new journalism grad requirements

“We’ve gone beyond online, print and TV – every job seems to be a multi-platform position,” says Crystal Lauderdale,  Video & Multimedia Product Manager at New York Times Company, Regional Media Group. Lauderdale says we’ll probably never go back to the days of a single-platform job and that means the “old formula” for finding a job is often …

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Tools for mobile journalism

Take a mobile  phone and a broadcast quality microphone and the world is your storybook. That’s what multimedia guru Stephen Quinn believes.  Quinn, who teaches at Deakin University in Australia, shared a bit of his enthusiasm about mobile journalism at the World Jounalism Education Conference in South Africa. Quinn calls mobile phones a “Swiss army knife” option for …

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Interviewing “real people”

Too many stories depend almost entirely on officials for information and sound bites. Watch a newscast or read a news site on any given day and notice who gets to talk. Are most of them people with titles and business cards? Would those stories be more interesting, engaging and authentic if they included other voices? …

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Find your focus, already!

Have you ever watched a television news story or read something in print or online and wondered afterwards what on earth it was about? It happens all too often when stories have no focus. Reporters who spend much of their day collecting information, pictures and sound seem to feel obliged to cram as much as …

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The 10 laws of multimedia

“To be great, multimedia has to make the story better than it would be in a legacy form,” Al Tompkins said. To that end, Tompkins shared his 10 Laws of Multimedia with a group of educators at the Poynter Institute. Law #1 Make it interactive It gives control to the user, and with our interest in metrics, interactivity increases stickiness …

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A multi-platform reporter’s day

Jacqueline Ingles says she is on continous deadline.  The 26-year-old works for KXAN News, the NBC affiliate in Austin, Texas.  Ingles says she creates content for the Web and television daily. “My typical day involves starting the morning reading multiple newspapers both online and in print.  Then, I head into a morning meeting, typically via phone from my …

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Watchdog vs. investigative reporting

In an age when almost any kind of story can be trumpeted as “investigative,” it’s worth asking what really distinguishes  investigations from everyday reporting. Wally Dean, director of training for the Committee of Concerned Journalists, says investigations are a higher level of watchdog journalism. While watchdogs serve as independent monitors of power, he says, investigative …

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