Learning what holds viewer interest

Many individual journalists and news organiations use YouTube to host their videos. But how many are using the Insight tool on the YouTube site to get a feel for how effective their videos are?

Writing for his blog on the AR&D website, news consultant Bob Kaplitz shared an often viewed video, paired with some the metrics YouTube makes available, including a real-time look at when viewers lost interest.

The Insight tool allows you to get similar “tune out” data on any video you post, as long as you have had enough viewers for the site to aggregate.

Even with just a handful of viewers, you can get information about the most popular videos you’ve posted, any sites that haved linked to your videos and other valuable information you might use to build audience for your own work or that of your organization.


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  1. September 16, 2010 at 2:11 am

    What a great tool! This could be very helpful for reporters to improve their packages and storytelling skills. Reporters can use the Insight tool to analyze their packages and determine what elements hold the audience’s attention.

    It would be useful to take notes on where the viewers’ interest peaks and where it declines. Once the reporter has analyzed what was most intriguing to viewers, they can apply this element in other reports to better capture the audience’s attention.

    Reporters can also take note of what viewers did not find engaging, and avoid doing something similar in future packages so they can prevent losing the viewers’ interest.

    By critically analyzing packages and using the Insight tool, broadcast reporters have the potential to improve their packages to better engage viewers.

    Broadcast reporters will also become better storytellers as they discover what storytelling techniques best captivate their audience.

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