Need for new “barons of journalism”

“When you want to start something new, you need new people to do it.” Those are the words of Llewellyn King, a long-time PBS journalist and one of the keynote speakers at “Media in Crisis, Crisis in Media,” a conference held at Pan European University in Bratislava, Slovakia.  King was asked to talk about what …

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Newspapers dominating online video

Two pieces of news should give TV executives pause and remind young journalists that video is a cross-platform skill, so be sure you know how to work with it. First, a survey from TubeMogul indicates that newspaper websites have now surpassed TV sites when it comes to total number of minutes people spend viewing online video.  For …

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Getting a TV news job: Don’t blow the interview

You may have heard the expression, “Kidding on the side,” which loosely means humor with more than a grain of truth.  That’s what you’ll find in this “text-to-movie” segment about a witless reporter candidate created on These text animation services may also be a good tool for some online stortyelling.   For eample, it might be …

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Taming the multi-platform beast

The transition from general assignment reporter to multi-platform journalist isn’t always easy, but people who’ve made the switch often say they’d never go back. For Josh Hinkle of KXAN-TV in Austin, Texas, working as a one-man band makes it easier to be creative. “I don’t have to explain my concept to a photographer or editor,” …

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New mobile news consumption research

More evidence that journalists must learn as much as they can about online and mobile media.  According to research published on, people are spending as much time on the Web as they are watching TV. “The average U.S. household watches 13 hours weekly of traditional broadcast TV, equaling the same amount of hours spent online, …

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Do TV sweeps need to die?

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard a call to do away with TV sweeps periods, but Brad Adgate  makes the case in Advertising Age that there are more reasons than ever before to finally put an end to the practice. According to Adgate, the emphasis on sweeps periods leaves resources depleted throughout the rest of the …

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Adventures of an accidental journalist

Some people set their sights on the news business at an early age; others just stumble into it. But to stay in it and be happy for more than 30 years takes a combination of grit, talent and luck. Laurie Hertzel had all three. Her book, News to Me, is a delightful memoir of what …

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