Resolve to be a more enterprising reporter

You’d like to cover stories that make an impact but the boss won’t support you and besides, who has the time? If that sounds familiar, it doesn’t have to. Not everyone gets assigned to the investigative team (if your news organization even has one), but anyone can do investigate stories. How? “Become a hybrid,” says …

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Getting a job in TV

What are news directors looking for in an entry- level reporter? After a month of working at WTVA in Tupelo and talking with the news director, student journalist Allie Ware is sharing some of the insight she’s gained. WTVA’s news director, Jeff Houston, says when it comes to creating a resume DVD, it’s important to capture …

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What did national TV and online sites cover in 2010?

Each year, the Project for Excellence in Journalism produces a report on “The Year in News.”  Can you guess what the Top 3 stories were for all media this year? Breaking it down to network evening, network morning and cable news, we find that cable spent a major chunk of it’s time (15.3%) on the …

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Serving the “Web-first” generation

According to the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, “the Internet is slowly closing in on television as Americans’ main source of national and international news.”  OK, so that’s not really a surprise, but what is interesting is another of the survey’s findings.  In 2010, for the first time, the Internet has …

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Collaboration tools for journalists

One possible consequence of staff cuts in newsrooms is more collaboration between and among journalists. While it’s always been possible for people in the same news organization to work on a story on a shared computer system, it’s not so easy to include someone from outside. Remote desktop apps can be cumbersome and freelancers working …

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Make your internship count

Are you getting everything you can out of your internships? It’s more important than ever in the current job market. Depending on how you handle yourself during an internship, you can either wind up first in line for the next entry level job opening or out the door without so much as a good reference. …

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Investigating government and non-profits with FOI tools

If you’re looking for some good enterprise stories for the New Year, try digging through some open records.  Joel Campbell is a member of SPJ’s Freedom of Information Committee and he’s put together a good list of story ideas and resources in Quill Magazine. Look for big salaries in non-profits.  Request IRS Form 990 to …

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