Network news writer offers advice

Jonathan Glenn says you just have to love telling stories to be a good writer, but Glenn, who works on the Fox Report, also has some concrete suggestions for telling good TV stories. “After you’ve gathered all the information you need, there’s one thing you have to do before beginning to write,” says Glenn.  “Put …

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Natural sounding storytelling

It’s one of the trickiest things about delivering a broadcast story:  You have to practice sounding natural. Media consultant Joanne Stevens says on the RTDNA website that the trick is to think about “cognitive chunks.”  According to Stevens, you should be deliver your copy as chunks of related information. Here are her examples: Example 1: …

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Writing for social media

Digital marketer Chris Lake offers a round-up of advice on writing for social media that he’s culled from some of the world’s biggest companies.  They all seem highly relevant to what journalists are trying to do as well. Here are a few favorites: INTEL Always pause and think before posting. That said, reply to comments …

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Telling great TV stories

One of the best things about awards season is the chance to see incredible work produced by some of the best reporters and photographers in the business. This year, the Sigma Delta Chi Award for large market TV feature reporting has gone to some old friends of Advancing the Story — Boyd Huppert, Jonathan Malat …

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How to use social media in journalism recently reported that its content partner, Facebook, has hired Vadim Lavrusik, formerly a community manager at Mashable, to advocate use of the social network as a reporting and promotional tool. Lavrusik will be responsible for maintaining the new Journalists on Facebook page. The new page acts as a sort of “How To” guide for …

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10 things journalists need to know

If you’re just starting out in the news business or even thinking about a career in journalism, you may feel a little overwhelmed by everything you think you need to know. Don’t be. Every good journalist learns on the job. And many bosses I know would prefer to hire someone who admits they don’t know …

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