Surviving the epic fail

Everybody makes mistakes. The trick is to learn from them and survive them. CNN has generously shared “epic fail” moments from nine of its journalists, including anchor Brooke Baldwin, who admits to having locked up during a local news live shot.

Several of the screw-ups are good reminders of the importance of checking the basics–like testing your batteries before the big interview ¬†and making sure names and locations are correct. And then there’s this one from senior producer Tricia Escobedo:

One day, when I was a TV writer for CNN International, two of the top stories were the annual ‘running of the bulls’ in Pamplona, Spain, and some sort of violence in the Middle East,” Escobedo recalls. “I wrote the story for the anchor to read on CNNI over the video of the deadly violence, but inadvertently put in the [tape] number for the running of the bulls. I was horrified when I heard the anchor read about mayhem in the Middle East — and saw the video of a bunch of crazed bulls chasing after some nutty tourists!”

Check out the rest of the “fails” and take heart. These journalists made mistakes–as we all do–and still ended up at CNN!


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