From classroom to newsroom: Start learning skills earlier

If you’re about to graduate, it may already be too late!  OK, that’s an exaggeration, but reporter Allison Croghan says getting a job in TV news is easier when you start earlier than you may think. “I wish I would have been more hands-on earlier in my undergraduate studies,” says Croghan, who is a reporter …

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Things to do before you graduate

Journalists love lists and I’m no exception. So when I saw a list of 14 things to do before you graduate on SPJ’s First Draft blog, I had to share it here. We’ve said most of this before in the textbook and here on the blog, but it’s always useful to see tips like these all …

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Get more journalism from Facebook

Looks like it’s social media week on Advancing the Story.  The video comes from Mashable and features an interview conducted by Adam Ostrow with Vadim Lavrusik of Facebook. (Thanks to Sue Weakley for the heads up.) A big chunk of the 30-minute video is devoted to the newish “subscribe” function on Facebook.  Lavrusik says Facebook …

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Twitter use in mainstream media

The Project for Excellence in Journalism released results of a study regarding Twitter use by 13 major news outlets.  The findings are interesting in that they seem to indicate that most news organizations are still using social media as a promotional tool, rather than as a means for interacting with audiences. The vast majority of …

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The cost of social media

The most popular social media sites — YouTube, Facebook and Twitter — are free, aren’t they?  Well, maybe, says social media guru Jeff Cutler. “Social media are definitely a time suck,” says Cutler. “They are shiny and fun and they can waste your time.” But journalists need these tools because they let you be “where …

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Double checking when you’re going solo

Seek truth and report it is the prime directive of the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics. And one of the basic conditions of reporting truth is to be sure you are accurate. For a multimedia journalist, producing a story on his or her own, getting it right is just as important, but tougher …

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Shooting for action-reaction-reaction

You’ve heard it before: to bring the impact of an action home, you need to shoot the reaction. Flames engulfing an apartment building have more impact if we also see the faces of people who are losing their homes. The clowns in a parade are funnier if we also see the grins and hear the …

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Should journalists be sneaky?

I love reading what other journalists have to say about their work and sharing their insights here, but sometimes I find myself in a bit of a quandary. What to make of this comment? “You’re in the wrong job if you think that political journalists can or should be entirely up-front and open in their …

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