Most popular journalism advice of 2011

December is nearly over and it’s time once again for Advancing the Story’s Top 10 report.  The posts below are those that drew the most reader interest over the year. From writing to sourcing news to using video more effectively, that’s what seemed to resonate with all of you. We hope you’ll check out any …

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How to do news that matters

Television news often gets a bum rap.  Broadcast journalists routinely get criticized for doing little more than covering car crashes and crime.  But there are plenty of TV reporters who push to tell the important stories, even if they have to convince their bosses to do it. Bree Sison is passionate about covering politics and …

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Tips on planning a TV news story

I’m of the belief that planning makes stories stronger, and I often talk about planning as the step that comes between reporting and writing that is too often skipped. An outline like the one on the left–just a few words jotted down in a notebook–helps me stay on track. The longer the story I’m writing, …

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Rapping the elements of style

Think Strunk and White are too old school? Think again. Their legendary grammar guide, The Elements of Style, has been brought up to date by two Columbia J-school students in this new rap version: Not everyone thinks Strunk and White’s advice for writers is worth all the adulation it’s received since it was first published more …

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Tweet for treats: Scholarship for free speech

Tomorrow is the day to express your creativity, support free speech and win $5,000 in scholarship money through Twitter. December 15 is National Bill of Rights Day, which marks the 220th birthday of the First Amendment. Here’s how it works: Beginning at midnight on Dec. 15, students ages 14 to 22 can tweet their support …

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Tools to do investigative journalism

Investigative journalism is the stuff that awards and big-time careers are made of — and it’s a passion for journalist Lynn Walsh.  Walsh is an investigative producer at WPTV in West Palm Beach, Fla. “I really like being able to provide people with answers that they don’t have the time or the patience to uncover themselves,” …

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Ten Web writing tips in 10 minutes

Bob Kaplitz is a consultant for Audience Research & Development.  In a recent post, he produced an excellent 10 minute presentation on effective Web writing. He describes a new “prime time” for online news use.  For example, use of computers, mobile devices and tablets jump up after about 6 a.m.  Computers rule for much of …

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Audio slide shows with Final Cut Pro

For years, Soundslides has set the standard for audio slide shows, but it’s certainly not the only option.  Andrew Lih, who teaches at USC, says he’s been using Final Cut Pro (FCP) to teach student journalists the same principles.  He recently posted the following on the Facebook page for educators in the Online News Association: …

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