Ten Web writing tips in 10 minutes

Bob Kaplitz is a consultant for Audience Research & Development.  In a recent post, he produced an excellent 10 minute presentation on effective Web writing.

He describes a new “prime time” for online news use.  For example, use of computers, mobile devices and tablets jump up after about 6 a.m.  Computers rule for much of the day until just before 6 p.m. when people start heading home from work, they end up switching to mobile devices and tablets.

Kaplitz says the data tells him that TV stations can’t wait till 6 p.m. to share the news, consumers are getting it throughout the day.

Here are his writing tips, but watch the video for more detailed explanations of what he’s talking about — it’s good advice.

Kaplitz Web writing tips

1. Keep it short

2. Be direct

3. Use bullets

4. Start with the most important

5. Write conversationally

6. Link to other stories

7. Don’t cut & paste

8. Use key words

9. Use subheads

10. Strive for clarity, not creativity