Crafting a creative stand-up for TV news

For many years now, on-air journalists have been urged to do active stand-ups. In the best examples, the reporter serves as a kind of tour guide for the audience. Here’s the advice we’ve offered in Advancing the Story on how to do them well: Use the scene, don’t just stand with it behind you. Show …

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The improving state of local TV news

This won’t come as a huge surprise to anyone working in local TV news, but there’s more of it than ever and more people are watching.”To quote Mark Twain, ‘Reports of our death are greatly exaggerated,’” says Hearst Television’s vice president for news, Brian Bracco, in the 2012 State of the News Media report, issued …

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App has possibilities for breaking news

Geo-based social apps have been used in news gathering for a few years now.  For example Foursquare’s “mayors” have been tapped for expertise on a particular location when it’s touched by breaking news.  Gowalla “trips” created by the Austin American-Statesman got some buzz as an example of how a news organization could use these services …

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How to shoot news with a smartphone

Remember the Flip cam?  Those smaller cameras put news gathering capabilities in the hands of anyone with a desire to do it. To maximize the quality of the video, a list of best practices in video news gathering was developed. Now that smartphones with video capability are everywhere, it’s worth talking again about techniques that …

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Accuracy in Journalism: Before and After

You might think that this is yet another rant on how technology is putting pressure on journalists to publish more quickly and pushing what’s published out to more people, more easily than ever before. But two things happened this week that made me think that we can’t do enough to remind journalists that accuracy has …

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