Backpack live technology a TV news game changer

“I doubt I’ll ever buy a live truck again,” says Jeff Houston, news director for WTVA in Tupelo, Miss. Houston’s station just recently aired its first live shot using a TVUPack. The system uses multiple wireless modems to put out live or video feeds of higher quality than what you can do with a typical …

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From Classroom to Newsroom: Managing your news day

If you’ve ever wondered if you have what it takes to succeed in a local news environment, you’re about to read some useful advice.  Lillian Askins is a reporter for WAAY-TV in Huntsville, Ala.  Here she shares a great step-by-step guide to help student journalists test out their real-time skills. Askins says these are tips …

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Bob Dotson’s elements of great TV news stories

NBC’s Bob Dotson says he sent out 525 resumes when he was first looking for a job. “I got three responses and two of them were no,” says Dotson. In the decades that followed, Dotson has produced thousands of stories and won dozens of awards.  He’s also learned quite a few things about storytelling. “Start …

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You’ve got a great big responsibility

Who says journalism ethics is all seriousness and no light? Not the folks at Columbia University’s SPJ chapter, who somehow managed to turn the Society of Professional Journalists ethics code into a song. The title: “You’ve got a great big responsibility.” My favorite lyric: Sometimes you won’t be popular Some folks will get annoyed But …

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Promoting the news goes mobile

Television news promotes itself better than any other form of journalism.  TV stations routinely set aside valuable airtime to advertise stories set to appear on upcoming newscasts.  Now, though, the most effective promotions may be airing on cellphones.   “I believe the value of a tease on mobile is much more valuable than a video …

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Writing advice from a legend

Imagine sending a letter to a writer you admire and getting a personal reply packed with advice. Joan Lancaster didn’t have to imagine. In 1956, she became one of thousands of children who sent fan mail to C. S. Lewis, the author of The Chronicles of Narnia, and actually heard back. Lewis’s charming letter encourages …

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