More TV news means more jobs

The “more with less” mantra has become so ingrained in TV newsrooms that the latest data may come as a surprise. Yes, once again, local stations set a new record for the amount of news they aired but they also staffed up to do it. On average, stations aired 5 hours and 30 minutes of local …

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How mobile journalism makes breaking news better

Picture the scene –you’re cruising Facebook and notice a post about four manatees beached just off the campus of Jacksonville University in Florida. Matt Augustine, of radio station WOKV, says he was the first member of Jacksonville’s media on scene for the story and was there a good hour or so before any of the …

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TV news jobs go to the polite and prepared

Are you one of the many May journalism grad still looking for a job?  If so, KTUL-Tulsa news director Carlton Houston’s 10 ways to win a job in TV news is must-read column for you. His list does include some no-brainers like using formal language vs. “texting” your emails and other correspondence, but here are …

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Keeping viewers’ attention for the newscast

New research about social TV holds some interesting possibilities for newscast producers. An article about the study from Time Warner Research Council found that interacting with social media actually keeps viewers more engaged with the programming than those simply watching the content. The researchers used biometric monitoring and eye tracking to gauge 126 Millennial viewers’ …

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