Social media and new skills needed in local TV

If you’re working in television, you already know this –local television stations are no longer just in the business of TV. But RTDNA researcher Bob Papper has the statistics to back it up. Speaking at the Excellence in Journalism conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Papper reported that 75% of local TV stations provide content to places …

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For journalists, almost nothing is just personal

Here we go again. Two more journalists have learned lessons the hard way. If they thought their personal lives were somehow separate from their professional lives, they’ve had to think again. And while the two cases were vastly different, the outcome was the same. Both journalists lost their jobs. Lesson 1: What you post on …

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Social media success for journalists

How is journalism changing? It’s “digital and specialized and socialized” says Columbia Journalism School’s Sree Sreenivasan. “Employers are now looking for how much audience you can corral,” said Sreenivasan.  He also said the time to build your social media following is before you actually need it. How do you do that?  Sreenivasan suggests sharing exclusive …

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Three bits of biz news that matter to multimedia journalists

About two-thirds of tablet owners use them while they watch TV, according to new research. In an article on MediaPost the news gets even better for those trying to sell a television audience. “…28% of two-screen viewers used their tablet to look up more information about a product advertised during a show they watched and …

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Social media as a news source

A recent survey of journalists around the world found that more than half of them use social media to find news stories and about 45% use social media to verify stories. In the United States, over 60% find or check stories via Twitter, Facebook or similar sites. But according to the Oriella Digital Journalism study, …

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What in journalism is worth saving?

It was an interesting question posed by a distinguished journalist. “What about journalism would you keep and what would you change?” asked executive editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette David Shribman. Shribman challenged a group of Ole Miss journalism students to answer the question and their responses were what you might expect when it came to …

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