Three bits of biz news that matter to multimedia journalists

About two-thirds of tablet owners use them while they watch TV, according to new research.

In an article on MediaPost the news gets even better for those trying to sell a television audience.

“…28% of two-screen viewers used their tablet to look up more information about a product advertised during a show they watched and 12% purchased a product advertised during a show.”

If that’s not enough to cheer you up, local ad sales nearing $27 billion just might.  That news comes from NetNewsCheck.

Retail spending on local advertising is expected to pass $26.8 billion in 2013, with $4.2 billion of that spent on online media, according to a new report released today by BIA/Kelsey.

A majority of retail ad dollars are expected to go to direct mail (42.5%), followed by newspapers (19.5%), online (11.2%), radio (10.2%) and TV (7.9%), according to BIA/Kelsey.

Of course, broadcasters need to take note of the prediction that online ads outpace TV, but it affirms the need to have a multimedia presence.

Also on MediaPost, news that Nielsen is planning to begin tracking the mobile audience — those using mobile devices access news and other content.

So, why do journalists care?  ‘Cuz it takes money to put out a news product and the more we educate ourselves on the business side, the better we can help keep journalism afloat.

(A version of this article was cross-posted on the Society of Professional Journalists Tumblr site.)