News organizations’ interest in Pinterest

Most social media experts will tell you that simply keeping up with trends is half the battle.  Pinterest has been around for more than two years now, but many news organizations are still trying to figure out what to do with it.

Jodi Mozdzer recently wrote a piece for Quill that lays out a number of Pinterest options for newsrooms.  Some of my favorites:

  • Create boards for user-generated content such as prom pictures or engagement announcements.
  • The Des Moines Register has a board called “Interesting People” that links to news stories, blog posts and about local folks.
  • The Denver Posts has created a “Favorite Colorado Places” board and the Morning Journal ha done a guide to Ohio’s golf courses.

For a look at what TV stations are doing, Lost Remote developed a round-up a few months back.  Food and recipes are a big hit on Pinterest and WHSV has capitalized on that with WHSV’s Taste of the Valley board.

Staff bios are common, and Lost Remote recommends going beyond the standard head shots and website bios like KARK tries to do.

Thinking about doing this yourself?  Consider creating a board around a major event in your community, or if you’re working a beat, consider one that focuses on your area of reporting interest.

At the very least, you want to know enough about the venue to understand what’s possible.