Top journalism skills in 2012

So, it may seen a little arrogant to assume that our blog can act as a barometer of the journalism industry, but what the heck. If you look at the five most viewed posts of 2012, it seems reasonable to me to make the following assumptions: The fundamentals still matter.  The No. 1 post on …

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Journalism job hunters need an edge

You’ve probably heard these job hunting tips before — Google yourself to see what a future employers might find and apply SEO techniques to the content you want them to find.  Get yourself a portfolio site, even if it’s a simple WordPress or page. But, Matt Thompson of NPR has a bit more advice …

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Mobile study offers newsroom opportunities

More than a third of people with tablets and smartphones use them to get the news, according to a new study from the Project for Excellence in Journalism. What’s particularly heartening is the demographic breakdown of that mobile audience.  It appears to be somewhat of an equal opportunity platform. Though the PEJ study notes gaps …

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Improve your writing by editing backward

Words have power and the most powerful word in a sentence should come last.  I could have written: Words have power and the last word should be the most powerful one in a sentence. But that would have put the emphasis on “sentence” when I wanted to stress “last.” See the difference? Sometimes, this kind …

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Poynter’s Irby urges new thoughts on newsroom diversity

At a time when news organizations are focused on matters of sheer economic survival, Poynter’s senior faculty member for visual journalism and diversity, Kenny Irby, says it’s no surprise that newsrooms are experiencing diversity fatigue.  However, Irby says journalists need to change their thinking about the issue. “Ideas about diversity have been so associated with people …

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