Well-chosen details make stories stronger

One challenge TV reporters face is deciding what details belong in a story. Too many and the story bogs down. Too few and it loses impact. What works in a story is “telling” detail: information that conveys a basic truth about a character or situation. Think about the difference between two stories about the aftermath …

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15 rules of storytelling–and then some

Writing a two-minute TV news story is nothing like writing a screenplay for a movie. Or is it? Truth is, all writing has some things in common. Take this list from Emma Coats, a former screenwriter at Pixar, the movie studio. Of her 22 rules of storytelling, more than a handful apply to the kind …

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Making it big in small market TV

In the competitive world of television news, most journalists are told that moving up will require moving on.¬† Yet, there’s a lot to be said for staying put, according to Rayanne Weiss, assistant news director at Raycom-owned WLOX-TV in Biloxi, Miss. “You can do amazing things in a smaller market; we’ve won every national award; …

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The very best in TV news writing

The best broadcast journalists are always looking for ways to get even better at that their craft, and a great place to start is by watching KARE-TV’s Boyd Huppert. But don’t take our word for it — Huppert is also the 2013 winner of the large market Edward R. Murrow Award for writing. Over the …

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How to apply for a newscast producing job

Broadcast news researcher and educator Bob Papper says there’s one criterion essential for getting a producing job. “You have to be able to breathe on your own,” says Papper. So, that’s a joke, but it’s not that funny to news directors like Adam Bradshaw of FOX5 in Las Vegas. “Producers, producers, producers; we need producers,” …

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