Correspondent talks about coping skills for journalists

Former CBS correspondent Randall Pinkston has covered more than his share of important stories.   Whether it’s the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or the Newtown school shootings, he’s been on the front lines for more than 30 years.  Sometimes, Pinkston says, the emotion gets the best of him. “I struggle with that.  There have been …

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5 best practices for user-generated content

The AP’s Eric Carvin, Pro Publica’s Amanda Zamora and CNN iReport’s Katie Hawkins-Gaar pulled together some excellent advice for anyone hoping to do a better job with content contributed by the audience.  In true UGC style, they crowdsourced many of the best ideas from the journalism community at large. Here are the Top 5 pieces …

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What do news directors look for when hiring?

It’s a perennial question and the answer keeps changing: What are TV news directors today looking for in new hires? For Geoff Roth, who’s building a new television newsroom from the ground up at Fox 46 in Charlotte, N.C., the list is long and challenging. You’d better be able to shoot, write and edit if …

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