Small markets, big dreams

Every journalism student hears the same advice: Plan to start small, and work your way up. But what does it really mean to “start small?” Will your first job in TV news be easy? Glamorous? Lucrative? Not likely. You’ll work hard, make personal and financial sacrifices, and learn a ton of things they didn’t teach …

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Five essential skills for a newscast producer

If you want a job in television news, be a producer.  At any given time, more than 20 percent of all the job ads posted by TV news outlets are for producers, but just a tiny fraction of journalism graduates have any producing experience at all. Madi Van Zile is one of the exceptions.  She …

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Take a hike to find a story

Most journalists know that to find really good stories they need to step away from the computer. Sure, there a ton of information online that could lead to a story, but nothing beats getting out of the office. And the best way to observe what’s really going on in a community is to walk it. But …

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