Finding new online storytelling forms

The Internet is really still in its infancy, and according to USC’s Koci Hernandez, that means journalists still have time to help mold it as a storytelling platform. “We have small opportunity while the Internet is still a baby to change the way things are done, presented or seen on this new creative platform,” says …

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How journalists track what’s new in social media tools

Every time you turn around, it seems like there are new social media tools to try out.  From Rebel Mouse to Storyful Multisearch, they just seem to keep coming.  For journalists, it’s important to keep up with what’s going on in the social media space and to do it as efficiently as possible. At Hearst …

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Top qualities of a top journalist

Contributed by Anna Ellingburg Students often feel inundated with advice about the hundreds of skills and attributes journalists “must have” in order to be successful. But the journalists at WMC Action News 5 in Memphis have narrowed the list to five essential qualities of a solid journalist. 1. Dedication Photojournalist Bo Bradley says a real …

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Top journalism skills in 2012

So, it may seen a little arrogant to assume that our blog can act as a barometer of the journalism industry, but what the heck. If you look at the five most viewed posts of 2012, it seems reasonable to me to make the following assumptions: The fundamentals still matter.  The No. 1 post on …

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Lessons from a viral video

So, how do you get more than 5 million people to watch your story?  Take a look. 1. The content is compelling.  Many people, including me, have entered into this debate and the student producer, Patrick Romero, used a simple point-counterpoint approach to shaping the story. 2.  The audio is audible.  If you read Advancing …

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Most popular journalism advice of 2011

December is nearly over and it’s time once again for Advancing the Story’s Top 10 report.  The posts below are those that drew the most reader interest over the year. From writing to sourcing news to using video more effectively, that’s what seemed to resonate with all of you. We hope you’ll check out any …

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Tweet for treats: Scholarship for free speech

Tomorrow is the day to express your creativity, support free speech and win $5,000 in scholarship money through Twitter. December 15 is National Bill of Rights Day, which marks the 220th birthday of the First Amendment. Here’s how it works: Beginning at midnight on Dec. 15, students ages 14 to 22 can tweet their support …

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Why journalists should check out Google+

Media Shift’s Idea Lab said it well. You should be on these sites to understand how people are communicating and the vocabulary of this communication. If you ignore these sites, you will fail to understand how a growing portion of the population deals with the flow of information, and inevitably how more people will deal …

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Social media required for good journalism?

Can you be a good journalist and not be plugged into social media? The Washington Post’s Local Editor Vernon Loeb says, “No.” “Social media are not really optional anymore,” says Loeb. “You can’t do your job without them. Social media are where news often breaks first. They’re a great way to cultivate sources, track events, …

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What does it mean to be “digital first?”

For the past several years, there has been a lot of talk about “Web first newsrooms.”  The basic premise is that a news organization’s website should no longer be an afterthought, In fact, the idea is that the Web should be the most important platform served — more important than any legacy medium, such as …

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