Better TV Stand-Ups in a Box

Shooting compelling solo stand-ups is a challenge — especially if you are new to TV news. Joshua Davidsburg is a TV reporter himself, now teaching broadcast journalism at the University of Maryland. He created a unique online video module with best practices for shooting stands-ups on your own. It takes less than 8 minutes to …

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App makes creating mobile video faster, easier for TV reporter

Reporting a story on social media as it happens is one more task that reporters like Beth Parker at Fox 5 DC have to work into their days. Parker recently covered the aftermath of a storm that brought a tree down on top of the home of a blind woman. Parker got to the scene …

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Mobile newsgathering works for covering winter storms

When ice covers the roads, it can be just as hard for news crews to get around as it is for the general public.  So, reporter Margaret Ann Morgan and some of her colleagues at Raycom-owned WDAM in Hattiesburg, Miss. got serious about newsgathering with their smartphones during their recent encounter with winter. “Last week …

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How TV news jobs have changed

The transformation of the television news business has been so dramatic that “if someone showed up from the year 2000, they wouldn’t know what to make of it,” says WAFB morning anchor Matt Williams. Williams’ day is filled with the usual anchor tasks: writing stories, teases and bumps; hosting a two-hour show; and making public …

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How reporters use mobile newsgathering

Think Web first. A sign with those three simple words hangs in the Raycom-owned WDAM-TV newsroom in Hattiesburg, Miss. The idea is to remind reporters, producers and everyone else to push to Web, and smartphones make that job much easier. Reporter Rachel Beech is perhaps the best example of someone who thinks Web first, and …

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Improving your reporter stand-ups

Few things get ridiculed more than the cheesy TV reporter stand-up, but the fact is, stand-ups can play an important role in storytelling. Professor Dana Rosengard has been teaching young journalists how to create better stand-ups for years.  Here are his “Top 5 Reasons for Doing a Standup.” 1.  To tell a part of story …

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How to create the best reporter reel for 2013

It’s May and you know what that means… thousands of college journalism grads descend on news directors across the nation, all vying for hundreds of reporter jobs.  Yes, that’s right — thousands of graduates, hundreds of jobs — even if you’re not particularly good at math, you know that adds up to the fact that …

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Getting that on-air TV job

First and foremost, it’s not about you. Tanya Carter is assistant news director at WABG-TV in Greenville, Miss.  She’s also one of the primary news anchors, so she’s seen both sides of the job hunt.  She’s says that just having a good camera presence is not enough to get you hired. “So, you have the …

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Top journalism skills in 2012

So, it may seen a little arrogant to assume that our blog can act as a barometer of the journalism industry, but what the heck. If you look at the five most viewed posts of 2012, it seems reasonable to me to make the following assumptions: The fundamentals still matter.  The No. 1 post on …

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Ten tips for recording audio interviews by phone

Sometimes you’re just stuck conducting an interview by phone.  Many of the same rules of interviewing apply, but if you want to use the audio for a story, you’ll need to handle some aspects of the the conversation a little differently. 1.  First, be sure the person you’re interviewing knows you’re recording the conversation.  In …

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