Got the interview? Now, get the journalism job

More than 90 percent of journalism and mass communications grads reported getting at least one in-person job interview soon after graduation.  Yet, a little less than 74 percent ended up getting a full or part-time job.  So, what went wrong? News anchor and reporter Byron Brown from WJTV in Jackson, Miss. says there are a …

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How to land a dream job

NBC’s Bob Dotson has what many television reporters consider their dream job. He travels the country, finding and telling engaging stories about “ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” In a new edition of his book, American Story, to be released tomorrow, Dotson shares his own story, explaining how he made that job what it is today. …

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Expectations for digital journalists

For all the gloom and doom you hear about the future of the news business, new opportunities seem to pop up all the time. Take the job Holly Edgell has at WCPO, the Scripps-owned television station in Cincinnati, Ohio. She’s the “community editor” for WCPO-Digital, a new position that puts her in charge of social …

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What do news directors look for when hiring?

It’s a perennial question and the answer keeps changing: What are TV news directors today looking for in new hires? For Geoff Roth, who’s building a new television newsroom from the ground up at Fox 46 in Charlotte, N.C., the list is long and challenging. You’d better be able to shoot, write and edit if …

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Top multimedia journalism skills used on the job

The Annual Surveys of Journalism & Mass Communications Graduates is out, and once again it’s critical reading for anyone looking for a job in the industry. Here’s a list of some of the key findings as they relate to multimedia skills: Whether you plan to work in journalism or PR, you’re going to need to …

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Be a tease! The job of a news promotion producer

When it comes to teaching broadcast journalism, most schools tend to focus on reporting.  Sure they teach video skills, too, and a few also prepare newscast producers, but there are many other jobs at TV news stations that rarely get a mention.  One of those jobs is that of a news promotion producer. “It’s fast-paced …

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Making it big in small market TV

In the competitive world of television news, most journalists are told that moving up will require moving on.  Yet, there’s a lot to be said for staying put, according to Rayanne Weiss, assistant news director at Raycom-owned WLOX-TV in Biloxi, Miss. “You can do amazing things in a smaller market; we’ve won every national award; …

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How to apply for a newscast producing job

Broadcast news researcher and educator Bob Papper says there’s one criterion essential for getting a producing job. “You have to be able to breathe on your own,” says Papper. So, that’s a joke, but it’s not that funny to news directors like Adam Bradshaw of FOX5 in Las Vegas. “Producers, producers, producers; we need producers,” …

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How to create the best reporter reel for 2013

It’s May and you know what that means… thousands of college journalism grads descend on news directors across the nation, all vying for hundreds of reporter jobs.  Yes, that’s right — thousands of graduates, hundreds of jobs — even if you’re not particularly good at math, you know that adds up to the fact that …

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Would you make a good newscast producer?

Brit Stack was like many journalism students; she was learning about reporting and shooting, editing and writing and keeping her eye out for reporting jobs.  But Brit was also smart enough to grab an opportunity, so when she got a chance to take a 6-week producing internship in Jackson, Miss., she jumped at it. “It …

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