5 easy ways to better produce an online story

It’s a rare TV newsroom that does not require its journalists to write a Web version of their stories.  Lynn Walsh, who produces multimedia for the Scripps National Digital Desk has done more than her fair share. She offers some excellent tips for making sure those stories are viewed and enjoyed by more audience.  We’ve …

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Finding new online storytelling forms

The Internet is really still in its infancy, and according to USC’s Koci Hernandez, that means journalists still have time to help mold it as a storytelling platform. “We have small opportunity while the Internet is still a baby to change the way things are done, presented or seen on this new creative platform,” says …

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What journalists can learn from CNN’s iReport

CNN’s iReport first launched in 2006 as a way to allow people from all around the world to contribute pictures and video of breaking news stories. According to the website, here’s how the unit’s producers handle submissions from a reported 750,000 registered members: iReport receives, on average, 500 iReports a day, and a fraction of …

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What works online — tips from a Web producer

Maybe this is merely anecdotal evidence, but it seems like more and more online editors are coming from the newscast producing ranks. Take Renee Johnson, for example, who runs the website for WLOX-TV in Biloxi; the former producer is now running the show online. She says to drive social, mobile and online traffic, you have …

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The great J-school debate, revisited

What exactly is the value of a journalism degree? Are J-schools really preparing students for the media jobs of the future? The questions aren’t new, but they’ve come up again in connection with the selection of a new dean for Columbia’s prestigious graduate school of journalism. If you haven’t read it, Michael Wolff’s take in …

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Snow Fall and the future of multimedia storytelling

Expansive, interactive, engaging–the New York Times multimedia feature Snow Fall is all of that and more. The six-part online feature took more than six months to produce. Lead reporter John Branch worked with video journalist Catherine Spangler and a team of multimedia producers and graphic designers to develop one of the most talked-about online stories ever. More than …

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Simple, interactive graphic on gun control

ProPublica has put up a new graphic that shows at a glance where members of Congress stand on gun rights and gun control. Using the now-standard red and blue tints to indicate party affiliation, Republican or Democrat, the graphic shows the NRA’s ratings for both Senate and House members, NRA contributions to each member, and …

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NPR journalists talk audio slide shows

Few will argue with the statement that NPR journalists know how to use audio, so it’s no surprise that when they’re producing audio slide shows, they focus on sounds before pictures. Producer Andrea Hsu has worked on multiple projects and developed her own technique. “I took photos of everything and then figured out what fit …

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Best of the online news sites

The Webby Awards are out and the top news sites probably won’t surprise anyone.  Selected by members of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, here’s the full list of nominees and overall winners in the news category. The Daily Beast — Webby Award Winner BBC News website – People’s Choice Winner Huffington Post …

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The journalist’s guide to driving traffic through SEO

Let’s start with the basics:  What is SEO? Search engine optimization (SEO) can be defined as the process of improving the amount and quality of traffic from a search engine to a particular story or website. Daniel Petty of the Denver Post told a packed house at the SPJ/ONA JournCamp in Phoenix that most Web …

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