How safe are live shots?

The murder of two young TV journalists while they were on the air live has unsettled many newsrooms and classrooms. Reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward were shot to death by a former reporter at their station in Roanoke, Virginia. He had been fired two years earlier and who held a grudge against both of them. It …

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TV news directors reveal their resume-watching secrets

With December graduations complete and the holidays over, news directors all around the country will be watching a lot of resume reels, but not for very long. News director Lee Thompson oversees KTVZ/KFXO in Bend, Oregon.  He says he gives job candidates all of :10 before he decides whether they’re worth looking at longer.  If not, he …

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Better TV stand-ups in a box

Shooting compelling solo stand-ups is a challenge — especially if you are new to TV news. Joshua Davidsburg is a TV reporter himself, now teaching broadcast journalism at the University of Maryland. He created a unique online video module with best practices for shooting stands-ups on your own. It takes less than 8 minutes to …

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How to get better video when you’re working solo

“TV is a visual medium, so you have to have good pictures.” Steve Phillips is a veteran solo journalist for WLOX-TV in Biloxi, Miss., and though his quote may seem obvious, too many TV journalists — especially those working alone — often fail to create visually compelling stories. Part of the reason is that shooting …

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Improving your reporter stand-ups

Few things get ridiculed more than the cheesy TV reporter stand-up, but the fact is, stand-ups can play an important role in storytelling. Professor Dana Rosengard has been teaching young journalists how to create better stand-ups for years.  Here are his “Top 5 Reasons for Doing a Standup.” 1.  To tell a part of story …

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How to create the best reporter reel for 2013

It’s May and you know what that means… thousands of college journalism grads descend on news directors across the nation, all vying for hundreds of reporter jobs.  Yes, that’s right — thousands of graduates, hundreds of jobs — even if you’re not particularly good at math, you know that adds up to the fact that …

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A better TV reporter resume reel

If you’re one of the thousands of journalism graduates looking for an on-air job in TV news right now, this post is for you. By now you’ve probably put together your resume reel and posted it on YouTube or elsewhere online.  And, if you’re like most others hunting for reporting jobs, your reel begins with …

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Crafting a creative stand-up for TV news

For many years now, on-air journalists have been urged to do active stand-ups. In the best examples, the reporter serves as a kind of tour guide for the audience. Here’s the advice we’ve offered in Advancing the Story on how to do them well: Use the scene, don’t just stand with it behind you. Show …

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Tips from a prize-winning solo video journalist

Working alone in the field can be a challenge, but it’s a challenge that Michelle Michael has mastered. Since 2003, she’s been shooting, writing and editing her own stories for the US Armed Forces Network. This year, she won the NPPA Solo Video Journalist of the Year award. What’s her advice to other one-man-bands? “If …

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Tips for better stand-ups

Love them or hate them, TV reporters have to do stand-ups.A stand-up can help to establish a reporter’s credibility and build a relationship with viewers, giving them a face to put with the voice. The trouble is, too many stand-ups today go overboard with unmotivated movement, cheesy props or “reporter involvement,” in an effort to …

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