Investigator’s Tip: Find the person behind an unknown email

What if you’re working a story and stumble across some good information in an email, but don’t know who the heck sent it?  Amit Agarwal on the tech site Digital Inspiration has a great primer on how to track down the source. Google is a logical starting point, but if that turns up nothing, Agarwal …

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5 easy ways to better produce an online story

It’s a rare TV newsroom that does not require its journalists to write a Web version of their stories.  Lynn Walsh, who produces multimedia for the Scripps National Digital Desk has done more than her fair share. She offers some excellent tips for making sure those stories are viewed and enjoyed by more audience.  We’ve …

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App makes creating mobile video faster, easier for TV reporter

Reporting a story on social media as it happens is one more task that reporters like Beth Parker at Fox 5 DC have to work into their days. Parker recently covered the aftermath of a storm that brought a tree down on top of the home of a blind woman. Parker got to the scene …

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Ethics made simple

The news business seems to get more complicated all the time. Journalists are expected to work faster, file more often and serve more outlets. With less time to think, mistakes can happen and errors can be costly. News outlets lose credibility; journalists can lose their jobs. The recent case involving the venerable CBS News program …

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Infographic and timeline tools made easy

It’s one thing to know your story could use an infographic or a timeline, and it’s quite another thing to build one yourself!  So, here’s a look at two, free online sites that make building either a breeze. The good folks at Northwestern University’s Knight Lab have created an open-source tool called TimelineJS that allows …

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A video camera that turns back time

Missed it! It’s an awful feeling. You’ve been waiting and waiting for a specific shot for a story and when it finally happens, you hit record just a wee bit too late. Maybe you’ve captured some of what you need, but it’s going to be hard to edit. If only you could turn back time. …

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Ten tips for recording audio interviews by phone

Sometimes you’re just stuck conducting an interview by phone.  Many of the same rules of interviewing apply, but if you want to use the audio for a story, you’ll need to handle some aspects of the the conversation a little differently. 1.  First, be sure the person you’re interviewing knows you’re recording the conversation.  In …

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How to begin with mobile journalism

Advancing the Story recently introduced you to Matt Augustine, a multimedia journalist at WOKV Radio in Jacksonville, Fla., who talked about the power of mobile devices in the field. Augustine was also kind enough to share his advice for those just getting into the smartphone as a newsgathering tool. “Start trying to use it in …

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Backpack live technology a TV news game changer

“I doubt I’ll ever buy a live truck again,” says Jeff Houston, news director for WTVA in Tupelo, Miss. Houston’s station just recently aired its first live shot using a TVUPack. The system uses multiple wireless modems to put out live or video feeds of higher quality than what you can do with a typical …

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How to shoot news with a smartphone

Remember the Flip cam?  Those smaller cameras put news gathering capabilities in the hands of anyone with a desire to do it. To maximize the quality of the video, a list of best practices in video news gathering was developed. Now that smartphones with video capability are everywhere, it’s worth talking again about techniques that …

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