Telling great TV stories

One of the best things about awards season is the chance to see incredible work produced by some of the best reporters and photographers in the business.

This year, the Sigma Delta Chi Award for large market TV feature reporting has gone to some old friends of Advancing the Story — Boyd Huppert, Jonathan Malat and Bill Middeke of KARE 11 in Minneapolis. The story leverages everyday visuals and strong writing and editing to create a memorable moment.

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This team of storytellers works on a series called, “Land of 10,000 Stories.”   (WARNING!  Don’t click the link unless you have some time to spare — the stories are so good, you may want to watch them all.)

For those trying to learn visual storytelling or to improve their skills, notice how Boyd weaves his writing in and around the natural sound. He’s also well-known for the little surprises he sprinkles throughout the story — “gold coins” as he sometimes refers to them. The viewer gets little payoffs throughout each piece as he reveals more and more of the good information he’s gathered.

Congratulations to Boyd, Jonathan, Bill and all the SDX winners.