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TV news anchor/reporter shares what he’s learned about resume reels

Hundreds of December journalism graduates, along with plenty of restless reporters, are thinking about more than the holidays right now; they’re worried about resume reels and the job hunt. WDSU anchor/reporter Aubry Killion says he remembers those days when he…


How not to get a job in TV news

CC photo by Adele Prince on Flickr

You already know how hard it is to get a job in television news. The competition is fierce and job opportunities are hard to find. The latest RTDNA research on newsroom staffing recorded a dip in TV news employment, largely…


How to apply for a news job

If only all hiring managers were as helpful as Ryan Kellett. His job title is director of audience at the Washington Post, which is looking to hire an editor for the engagement team to help the site connect its sports coverage…


Storytelling now — and back when

Sometimes I think the process of journalism has changed so much since I started it’s almost unrecognizable. (Scroll down for some early career memories.) But then I consider how much hasn’t changed. Good writing is still good writing, and will be forever.…


Data and graphics create a new kind of journalist

Take clean and accurate data, strong visualization and excellent writing and you get some of the most powerful reporting available right now. Sarah Frostenson has the job title of graphics editor at Politico, but she’s really a new breed of…


Infographic resumes for journalists

Competition for reporting jobs, especially in TV news, can be quite stiff.  Candidates are often encouraged to make themselves stand out and, in some cases, an infographic resume may help. Professor Chandra Clark has been helping journalism grads find jobs…


Downsides to working as an MMJ

Ask a few TV reporters what it’s like working as an MMJ and you might get very different stories. We recently shared advice from KGTV’s Joe Little and KARE’s Heidi Wigdahl, both of whom have embraced careers as solo journalists.…


Mixed news on TV salaries

Pay is up again in TV newsrooms. The annual RTDNA survey finds average salaries increased by 4 percent in 2016, almost twice the rate of inflation. But as usual, some job categories benefited more than others. Five job titles made…


Remember the reader

Mick Cote, Canadian Press

When you produce a story, are you thinking of how people are going to consume it? Mick Côté, digital news editor at The Canadian Press, says that in most newsrooms the answer is typically, “No.” And that’s a shame. “We’re so…