Mobile video doohicky

That’s what photographer Don Himsel of the Nashua Telegraph is using to stream live video to the paper’s breaking news blog.

After some experimentation, the rig now combines a Nokia N95 mobile phone with a Sennheiser shotgun mic and a C-clamp.

How’s it working out? Not bad. It’s a completely different animal as to other video projects we’ve worked on. It’s live — no editing. It’s a real challenge to handle this little thing and the still gear….Bottom line? It’s not fabulous. Yet. But it’s new. It’s fun. It’s different. It’s a lot less expensive and easier to handle than a live truck.

You have to love it: the mic’s bigger than the “camera.” Read more at NewsVideographer (and thanks to Angela Grant for naming the rig).



  1. Actually, at this point, I was using a Superclamp. We hadn’t purchased the C-shaped device to hold the camera. The new device holds it much, much better and the rig has been simplified. I needed something right away but the tool is evolving. In more ways than one.

  2. Oops! I actually named it “mobile video doohicky,” not Don. He had linked the pictures from the Nashua Telegraph web site, but it was having some problems that morning. So he emailed me the pictures so I could put them in the post by uploading them on my site’s servers. That’s when I gave the gadget its name.

  3. Corrections noted. I’ll update the post to clarify. Angela’s name for it is too good not to use.

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