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You’ve reported for the student newspaper, covered stories for your college TV or radio station’s newscasts and started your own blog. Good! But you may want to consider these additional options for building your clip portfolio or resume reel., a site created by the UPI wire service, describes itself as “a social media platform that aims to bring together the voices of student journalists and journalism students.” It’s an outlet for stories produced by students and independent journalists around the world. I first heard about it from a Serbian reporter who uses it to publish stories he writes in English–not his native language.

The site lets registered users upload an unlimited amount of multimedia content, including video, for free. But that’s not all. Professional journalist “mentors” offer online feedback on stories and newsworthy submissions (as determined by UPI editors) may be distributed by the wire service. According to Jeff South of Virginia Commonwealth University, 120 stories have made the cut so far.

Another site worth checking out is GroundReport, founded by a former United Nations reporter.  South writes in SPJ’s Quill magazine that about a fifth of the contributors to the site are students. In addition to getting stories published on the site itself, contributors to GroundReport may find their content syndicated to Lexis-Nexis, Google News and the Huffington Post.

Other outlets South recommends:

NowPublic, which has a content sharing agreement with the Associated Press.

AssociatedContent, which pays contributors based on page views.

Orato, an outlet for features and first-person stories, which pays contributors a percentage of ad revenue generated by their articles.


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    I heard the name of your textbook today in a conversation at the ONA conference and decided to google it. What a pleasant surprise to see your mention! Thanks!

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