Broadcast news salaries up slightly

Finally some good news. Well, sort of. The good news is that there isn’t bad news, says researcher Bob Papper, who’s just come out with the latest RTDNA/Hofstra annual survey of salaries in TV and radio. The average paycheck in local television news was up2.5 percent in 2009 and salaries in local radio news wereunchanged. …

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Radio news writing tips

A lot of the best writers in the broadcast news business come out of radio, says CBS’s Harvey Nagler, “because you need to think on your feet and write concisely.” Want some examples? CNN’s Candy Crowley, ABC’s Robert Krulwich and NBC’s Andrea Mitchell all started in radio. What they learned was how to write for …

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New research on what TV journalists do online

Whether you’re a TV reporter or producer,  it’s quite likely that you will also be working for your station’s website, but just what duties are most common?   New research from Michael Cremedas and Suzanne Lysak of Syracuse University provides important insight. According to the study, knowing how to write “print style” or “Web-friendly” stories is a …

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TV news director talks mobile

Chris Gegg is the news director at WMTV in Madison, Wisconsin. Following the release of the 2010 Pew Center report on mobile access for Americans, Gegg pulled out what he sees as some of the most interesting data. According to the report: among all cell phone owners: • 54% have used their mobile device to …

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Why journalists should keep an eye on content farms

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about hyper-local journalism, niche journalism and something called a content farm.  From what I can tell, different content farms take different approaches to generating content, but some, like Demand Media, use computers to gather information already posted online and then put that data through algorithms to produce a new, …

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Time-savers for solo journalists

If there’s one thing most solo journalists will agree on, it’s that doing it all requires terrific time management skills. Backpack journalist Kevin Torres of KUSA-TV in Denver literally backtimes his entire workday, setting mini-deadlines for every step. That way, he knows when he needs to stop shooting, start writing and finish editing in order …

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Grim report on journalism jobs

Everyone knows the job market has been tight for the past couple of years but the latest report on jobs for new journalism grads is  sobering, nonetheless.  Employment levels that hit record lows in the spring of last year appear to have declined even farther as the year went on, according to the annual survey of …

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