Veteran journalist says marketing is survival

John Seigenthaler is one of the lions of journalism, but at 83, he’s definitely not living in the past. “Learning about business strategies and marketing today is not just survival, it’s wisdom.  The culture has changed.  Now, journalists — intelligent journalists — want to sell papers, attract readers, do anything they can do to get …

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Beat reporting better with apps

If you’re a reporter assigned to a beat, there’s probably an app for that. For example, consumer reporters may want to download the free recalls app from the Consumer Product Safety Commission and other government organizations that monitor the safety of food, drugs and other consumer products. Crime reporters might want to check out the FBI’s …

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Setback for minorities and women in broadcast newsrooms

While the country continues to get more diverse every year,  America’s TV and radio newsrooms are becoming more homogenous. The latest RTDNA/Hofstra University Annual Survey found that, overall, the percentage of minorities in both radio and television fell for the third straight year, although the drop in television was small. “Again, the percentage of minorities in …

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How to breathe more quietly

When you record narration for a multimedia story, do you sometimes hear yourself gasping between phrases or sentences? Those audible intakes of air can be a distraction for the audience and can also make you sound nervous, undercutting your credibility. What’s the solution? It depends in part on the cause. Some people only breathe audibly …

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Do journalists need a new ethics pledge?

Transparency, accountability and openness are among the core values of journalism. They’re embodied in the SPJ ethics code, after all, which thousands of journalists and news organizations subscribe to. So what would be the point of a pledge to support those three values–a pledge that comes with a new seal of approval? John Hamer of the …

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Learning what holds viewer interest

Many individual journalists and news organiations use YouTube to host their videos. But how many are using the Insight tool on the YouTube site to get a feel for how effective their videos are? Writing for his blog on the AR&D website, news consultant Bob Kaplitz shared an often viewed video, paired with some the metrics YouTube …

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Where’s the surprise in broadcast news?

It’s easy to criticize TV and radio news. So much of it is shallow, sensational or both. It’s also easy to dismiss the criticism as uninformed, ill intentioned or both. Much of it is. But when the criticism comes from someone like Ira Glass, it might be worth paying attention. Glass is the host of …

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