Smart strategies for more online video sharing

You’ve seen the statistics — millions of Americans will watch more than a billion videos online today.  And who better to dominate the online video audience than TV stations?  Yet, how much video gets aired that never makes it’s way to social media or the Web?  A ton! provides some new ways of thinking about video sharing.

1.  Turn those graphics into video explainers.
  Think about how much time goes into creating a great infographic for a news story, but it’s often on the screen for just a few seconds and then gone forever.  Instead, you could follow the Economist’s example and add a voiceover to provide an explainer and highlight details of the graphic.  Publish to YouTube or embed on your website and you have another video viewing opportunity for the audience.

2.  Break down stories into Instagram-friendly tidbits.  Great stories have memorable moments, so next time you’ve created one, edit the story down to a clip of 15 seconds or less and pop it on Instagram with a link back to the full story on the station website.  You’ll expose more people to your work and potentially drive traffic back to the website.

Let us know if you have other ideas for getting more of your video posted — we want to hear from you.