App makes creating mobile video faster, easier for TV reporter

Reporting a story on social media as it happens is one more task that reporters like Beth Parker at Fox 5 DC have to work into their days. Parker recently covered the aftermath of a storm that brought a tree down on top of the home of a blind woman. Parker got to the scene and while the photojournalist she was working with started capturing video for the newscast, Parker pulled out her smartphone.

“I was able to take still photos and video on my phone and create a condensed version of my story to get the information out and tease ahead to the show,” Parker said.

ParkerVideoliciousParker says she uses the Videolicious app all day long to push out versions of her story.  Videolicious allows a journalist to record his or her own voice, shoot the necessary video clips that go along with the story and drag and drop them into place within seconds.  With another click, the video is edited and able to be shared.  Parker used the app to put a version of the storm story out on Twitter and Facebook, feeding the station’s significant mobile audience.

“I’m dealing constantly with our mobile folks.” says Parker. “I say, ‘This is why I think this would do really well on the Web;’ I constantly try to drive those numbers.”

Though Parker loves how easy it is to share content via mobile devices, she says the speed at which you can publish should make you more cautious than ever about accuracy.

“Every time I make a Vine, I’m representing Channel 5,” Parker said.  “When you’re at something that’s unfolding,  you feel pressure.  It can be nerve-racking to know you need to beat your competition, but you also have to make sure you’re right.”


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